• Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid’s Health
    Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid’s Health

My Search for the Mildest Baby Products Ends Here

Being a new age mom is not easy! You start researching from the time you know you are pregnant- and this research never ends! I have tried almost all the products available in Indian market to find the safest and mildest off-the-shelf natural baby skincare product for my little one. Let me tell you, it was not easy and you get fed up to just get stuff from abroad. Recently I came across Lotus Herbals baby+ Range and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the whole range.

The story goes back to when I was pregnant. I had my nesting instincts and as every other mom, wanted to find the safest and natural skincare product for my baby. Research and lot of networking yielded no much result. Some recommended one product and some another. There were very less factual statements to stick to- apart from the marketing ones. I am very sensitive to smell and always found most of the baby products heavily fragranced and laden with preservatives and petroleum ingredients. There is no need for me to tell you guys the harmful effects of these additives- especially the petroleum-based ones.

It was exhausting to see why not even one brand could come up with products that are free from these additives. We as mothers do not want anything artificial on our baby skin. We expected that anyone brand would listen and help. Lotus has been a trusted skincare brand in the market for a long time and they have now come up with their baby range – Lotus Herbals baby+.

Lotus Baby+ is formulated with utmost care so that mothers can use it for baby, right from Day 1. Most of the products in the range are 99% Natural (Minimum is 95%- Little Bubbles Body Wash & shampoo), maintain pH 5.5 balance. Preservative-free, Suitable for all skin types, allergen-free and filled with several other benefits. I had a personal chat and interactive session with their team and found these facts. The range has 8 innovative products.

  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Little Bubbles Body Wash & Shampoo
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Little Bubbles Gentle Bathing Soap
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Eternal Love Baby Massage oil
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Love Sprinkle No-Talc Powder
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Feathery Pecks Soft Baby Crème
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Happy Bums Diaper Rash Crème
  • Lotus Herbals baby+ Gentle & Refreshing Baby wipes


Each product is innovative and unique in its own way. The Body Wash and soap has no sulphate that makes the skin flaky. The Massage Oil is formulated with olive oil and sweet almond oil. The no-talc talcum powder is formulated with cornstarch. The body lotion, baby crème and diaper rash crème has soothing calendula extracts.  The soft wipes have calendula and green tea extracts. This is our favourite from the whole range.

What do you think of this new range? Have you spotted them in market yet? Have your tried any? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments