10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

Pregnancy, they say is a bundle of surprises. I have had a very smooth and stress free pregnancy as yet. No cravings (nothing more than you would have on your PMS), no morning sickness or any illness. I have been dancing in weddings partying (without alcohol, yes baby!) and vacationing like a boss! My little pea is such a cooperative munchkin! Well, that does not mean pregnancy did not come with a few surprises! I thought of doing a post on 10 Products I never knew before Pregnancy (I mean the importance of these!)

Disclaimer: I’m just in my second trimester and this is my result so far. Will do an updated post as I progress!

1. Bio Oil

Stretchies! Those tiger marks that mark your pregnancy! As much as you claim they are what make you a woman who gave birth- you would do any goddamn thing you can to avoid those marks on your perfect porcelain skin. I mean ANYTHING. Coconut Oil, Tummy Butter from every brand, Oils. Yes! I’m sure ladies who have been through it agree! Some have been lucky to avoid them and some have gloriously wasted all that cash in expensive products just to end up with those marks. Well, after much contemplation and reviewing, I have arrived at the conclusion that Bio Oil is the one that is the most effective. I’m sure some ladies disagree- but well, lets say it’s better of the lot?

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!


It is an Oil and can be well – Oily! For all you know, this baby works! Before Pregnancy, I never thought I would religiously slap on an oil all over my mid-body (like everywhere!) and feel sexy about it! So yes! My No:1 pick is Bio Oil. I stock them up in bulk!

2. Maternity Jeans

I am a live-in-jeans girl and I cannot do without jeans! Well, till this month, I was proudly strouting my usual boyfriend jean and tight fit jeans like a boss! That was till one fine day, after my Bio Oil routine, I found that my jeans has decided to take a break! Well, I must say, I felt betrayed! He never even mentioned once about it! (Being over-dramatic)

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

Well, that was the time I made a small trip to that maternity store at the mall, which is my favourite place now. Found a maternity jeans in size M and slipped into it. It does not have a band to fasten it unlike the usual jeans. It has an elastic band that covers my entire tummy that snug fits on my mid section. The jeans fits like a dream and I absolutely love it! I can live in it. I secretly hope my BF jeans sees us living happily and decided to get back to me soon after pregnancy (Again being dramatic). Before Pregnancy I never thought about these babies or even if I have seen them, I thought it must be helluva uncomfortable one. I take back all what I have thought!

3. Pregnancy Apps

Before Pregnancy I did not need to know anything about pregnancy and suddenly I was craving for information- more and more of it. I can read all day on labor, baby, pregnancy and preparation! Being heavily dependent on my phone, I wanted something that could help me with my tracking and remind me of everything that was required for the pregnancy. Soon I downloaded a stack of pregnancy apps- baby size, baby names, pregnancy time, contractions, and everything related to pregnancy.

Though I must admit Apps are a great boon in these issues, be smart when you download them. Just get what you need at the right time. You don’t need the contraction timer when you are on your second trimester. You need to just test and see what works for you. I am currently using What to Expect on IOS and BabyCentre App on Android. I also have a Baby Names App from my second trimester as we are shortlisting names. Well, for now, that’s all you need I guess. you can download the apps to help you time your contractions, when you are closer to your due date. The apps help you keep a track of how your pregnancy is progressing, what week are you in and how big is your baby. My phone screen shows me each day how big my lil pea is. That, is a wonderful start to the day!

4. Babycentre Gang

I cant praise this website enough! Ladies, this is the ultimate gang you need! You have Birth clubs according to your due date and you have first timers as well as moms who have kids. You get first hand advise on EVERYTHING. Right form venting how you hate going to pee frequently, to advises on miscarriage and cerclage. You have everything covered here. You have all kind of information and regular updates via mail. I have joined the UK and the India website. The Indian website helps you connect so much, we have even organised a meet up in Delhi for all the members of my Birth Club!

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

Being a first-time-mom, this support group becomes your lifeline in decisions, medical doubts, buying baby products and almost everything. Befor Pregnancy, I never knew anything like this existed!

5. Medications

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

Before Pregnancy, you do not really care if you pop that aspirin for a headache or an antibiotic course when you have chest congestion. Pregnancy makes you wary about any medication you take. To add up, you start off with your prenatal vitamins, iron and calcium. Never in my life have I been worried about my hemoglobin levels like in pregnancy. You do research on every single medicine given to you by your doctor and make a mental judgement if you are REALLY ill enough to take the medicines. You would do anything in your power to keep your little poe away from unwanted medication. Oh I can almost feel the cringe I will have when the baby is going to fall ill for the first time!

6. Essential Oils

Ok. I’m not sure if it is just me or all pregnant women become a police dog who can sniff out the faintest smells! Trust me on this, it is not a boon! You can smell almost everything- from the smelly socks somebody is wearing to the cheap perfume your relatives are sporting! Pregnancy hormones may make you pretty vocal about your opinion too- Just Saying!

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

This is when I fell in love (read obsession) with essential oils and have my own stash of all essential oils and massage oils I love. I plan to take it with me to my labor room and have already told my partner to rub it on my back to help me relax during labor. Talk about a wonderful birth plan! I have been getting my occasional back massages from him with those massage oils too. It feels sooo good! Why did I not know this before??

7. Highlighter

I always believed pregnancy came with a glow! Well, that was what was advocated everywhere! Shocker: It may or MAY NOT. What do you do when you don’t have any pregnancy glow? You fake it! Yes, going with a dull skin (another side effect of pregnancy) is just not an option! You invest in a good highlighter and go glam. I am using a Highlighter from Revlon PhotoReady in Pink. It gives me amazing results without the typical shimmery face. I used o be so mild with highlighters before pregnancy and suddenly it is all I need in my beauty stash!

10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy! 10 Products I Never Knew Before Pregnancy!

8. Panty Liners

Not wanting to gross you out or scare you, but you will need these babies! Before pregnancy I never bothered to think of them and now its my lifeline! If your doctor gives you a tablet to insert vaginally (saving these details for later) or you have trouble with a bit bladder control (those Kegel exercises are not for lazy ones like me), you will need the panty liners. It is always an assurance to know that you are covered from embarrassment, right?

9. Bathroom Stool

This one is just an essential I just HAD to put on this list! Being in India and not having a cubicle shower or bath tub for yourself, yo may have to rely on mixing hot and cold water in a bucket to take shower. A sturdy plastic stool has helped me like none other. It is such a relief to sit there and have you oil massage or a luxurious bath?

10. Extra Moisturizer – Like everywhere!

I knew the benefits of moisturizing well before pregnancy. Just that, I now know the necessity of staying moisturized ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. My morning and night routine goes like- Bio Oil, Body Butter, Face Moisturizer, More moisturizer for face, Oh a body lotion (Just in case), lip balm (lips need moisture too), foot cream, hand cream and yes, a moisture mist! Feel like a slippery goddess? I call that sexy!

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