5 Major Safety Concerns for a New Mom

Being a new mom, you are confused, excited and scared all at the same time. You realize you are in-charge of a tiny little human and in no way would want to mess it up. You can go to any extend to ensure the safety of your baby- even if it means forgetting your own personal hygiene. Today let me talk about 5 major safety concerns for new mothers (newborn- 6 months).

5 Major Safety Concerns for a New Mom | www.mitzitup.com

1.Products- Harsh, Harmful & Choices

Probably the first safety concern a mom faces- even before her little bub is out to the world is to decide the toiletries, washing powders and other stuff that her baby will be using. The toxins in them are alarming and you will want to protect your little one from anything harmful. I have written a post on how toxic colors affect your babies health. Understanding the labels and making the right choice is the major job in-hand for a new mother. My post on Organic labelling of baby products may be of help in this case to have a clarity.

2. Co-Sleeping Concerns

The extend to which we thought and debated on this could easily be mistaken for a full-blown fight between me and my partner. Co-sleeping has it’s pros and cons. Sleeping pattern of the parents, sleeping pattern of baby, facilities at home, all add up to making a decision if you want to co-sleep your baby. If so, how do you prefer- on a crib next to you or on your bed along with you? Decisions and safety concerns never end on this one. Each decision has far fetched consequences and you have to decide carefully. I would not advice co-sleeping on the same bed, if you and your partner are heavy sleepers. Try keeping a feeding chair in the room to feed your baby and put him back in his crib safely. Cribs also reduce the chance of baby falling off the bed once they start moving.

3. Car Seat / Travel Safety

Oh-the never ending fight of using the car seat!

In many countries, it is mandatory to use the car seat and rear facing until the baby is big enough to face front. There are no excuses on car seat. I appreciate those countries and their rules that put child safety first. In our country things are quite different. You could easily offend even your parents if you refuse to let them keep the kid on lap in the front seat. I have seen people keeping kids on lap even while driving! It is alarming and very dangerous. How much ever a daredevil you are, please do not risk your baby’s safety. A new mother is not paranoid when it comes to her kid’s safety concerns- it is how she should be. Appreciate it and share her safety concerns.

5 Major Safety Concerns for a New Mom | www.mitzitup.com

4. Sterilization- What Extend?

A new mother cant help but be concerned about germs and bacterias affecting her baby. As they say, wet wipes are the Swiss-knifes in motherhood. A new mother has to triple check if she has cleaned everything her baby comes in contact with. The obsessive wiping of every corner of the crib, to the sterilization of bottles and nipples- it’s all real. Nature has made her this way to keep babies safe. Some few sterilizations a new mom should absolutely be doing herself is

  • Cleaning baby bottles & breast pumps (No one can do it better than you)
  • Washing baby clothes and judging how long a burp cloth should be used
  • Regular cleaning of car seat, high chair, bather or any rocker- they hoard germs!

5. Baby Massage

No matter if you have appointed a masseuse for your baby’s massage, every new mom is concerned how they massage their baby. I feel every mother should learn how to massage their baby and use that time to bond with their little one.Some new mothers are scared to do this and give this task to a mid wife or their parents. Ladies, listen up, this is you and baby’s time. Your baby bonds with you through touch. The power of skin to skin contact has been researched and found to be very powerful. so take charge, don’t be afraid and go give your little one a soothing massage.

Have you, as a new mother faced any of these safety concerns? Do you have any more concerns as a new mother? Tell me all about it- I’d love to hear.

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