My Best Highlighters | How to Apply a Highlighter

Oh what is life without some drama? Oh what is makeup without some highlighter !!!

Hey Guys,

A lot of you have been asking me about the highlighters I use and how to apply them. There have been a lot of questions on what texture to opt for- liquid, powder, creamy or stick? Clearly, a few years ago, I was as clueless. I guess my first highlighter was Revlon Photoready and clearly- I was mindblown! Wizz past the last 5 years and here I am with a stash of highlighters ranging from Too Faced to Sivanna. One thing I am still clear about- one can never have too many highlighters!

To start with, its a great thing to invest in some highlighter brush / fan brush if you are into powder highlighters like me. Makes the application a breeze and saves you trouble.

The key to a good highlighter application is to blend it well and not to go over-board. Apply just as much as you are comfortable. Some prefer liquid highlighters while some prefer powder. I personally prefer powder highlighter as my cheeks tend to get oily in Indian summers. I personally prefer a fine milled powder as opposed to the glittery highlighters. Do you have a favourite highlighter? Tell me your Holy Grail highlighter in the comments so I can give it a go.

I have picked out 5 of my go-to highlighters and made a video on how to apply them. You can go ahead and watch it below. Psst… one of them is actually a blush!! If you are excited to know- go ahead and click away below. While you there, dont forget to Like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

Disclaimer: These are my 5 picks and no way the best out there. I’m still exploring and would appreciate if you jot down your favourite for me to check out.

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