Why Mother Sparsh Wipes Should be Every Mother’s Choice

Everything about your baby is delicate. Baby skin is very sensitive and prone to all external irritants. Every mother, including me, have gone to extreme measures to ensure that our baby skin is protected and nothing harmful comes in contact with our baby’s delicate skin. When it comes to motherhood, baby wipes are the swiss knife of tools. after a lot of research, I have been stuck to a single brand of wipes for my little man. I wanted to share with you my experience with Mother Sparsh


Started just a year and half ago, Mother Sparsh has already become a huge hit among mothers. Formulated with the motive to launch gentle baby products that are mild on baby skin, the brand came up with India’s first water based wipes. The Mother Sparsh wipes are 98% water based. We all know there is nothing better and safer for baby skin than water.

Just like the name ‘Mother Sparsh’ , combining a English word with a hindi word to make something so meaningful- the brand has combined the wisdom of using water to clean the baby skin along with the modern concept of wipes to facilitate convenience for the new mothers.

Mother Sparsh is made from 100% viscose plant derived fabric. The fabric is soft yet high absorbent. It feels soft on the skin and cleans well too. The fragrance is so mild it’s almost clinical. This was a great plus for me. There is no presence of polyester too, which irritates delicate baby skin.

99.9% of the wipes available in market are Non-biodegradable- making it the 3rd largest consumer item which makes 30% of the total non-biodegradable waste. Mother Sparsh wipes are 100% bio degradable and so it is such a great environment friendly option. I am doing my part, are you?

One of my biggest reason to prefer Mother Sparsh over other wipes is my constant battle with baby rashes. Mother Sparsh has been clinically proven to prevent rashes i babies. It prevents bacterial or yeast growth on baby bum – making it the perfect diaper bag essential.


Where to purchase Mother Sparsh:

It is easily available on Amazon, Firstcry and paytm. They even have a 20/- Off on MRP.

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