About Mitz it Up

About Mitz it Up



MIU is a Beauty & Fashion blog by Mitha Mohandas- a smitten wife, mommy to a little boy, fashion enthusiast and makeup junkie. She is also mommy to a 3 year old furry baby- her Golden Retriever. She loves healthy food and finds cooking therapeutic. Korean Skincare has a special place in her vanity. Her love for makeup and skincare fills up this blog as much her cupboards.

Only after her MBA from Coventry University, UK combined with an untouched Engineering Undergrad qualification did she quite understand her passion for writing, expressing and photography could be channelized to something this beautiful. Thus by 2014 she was serious on having her own blog out there. It has been a wonderful journey ever since. MIU mostly has her reviewing products- a lot of them Korean! Fashion musings and Mommy diaries are very close to heart for her- inspiring people of all age. She occasionally puts up some stellar healthy recipes and mind-blowing travel experiences too.

So if you think these inspire you, follow MIU and we promise to keep posting frequently and keeping you updated!

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