Vows Forever- Story of our Engagement Ring

Exactly two years ago, me and my partner slipped two pretty little gold bands on our fingers. We had a story behind that engagement ring and a little secret in those bands. Today I feel like sharing you how the Khatta ( means sour in Hindi. That was what my partner was called at school) and the Meetha (means sweet in Hindi. Just a way most people call my name) love bands happened.

When we were getting engaged two years ago, we knew exactly what we wanted. I’ve already told you about how my engagement gown took shape in an earlier post. Today, I’m telling you the story behind how our engagement ring took shape. Just as the dates were fixed and venue booked, we knew we had to find that perfect little rings. First choice- of course solitaire rings! Searched high and low for that perfect ring. We wanted something in gold- but not the shiny gold, a bit of a matte finish gold. That was quite difficult to get. Thought of getting this one designed too, but we fell short of time.

First choice was Tanishq for their rings. We even searched the traditional jewelers for some unique piece. Later, we both came to a realization- we intend to wear the ring forever. At this point, the chunky solitaire ring did not make any sense. To get a ring that was just gonna stay within the box, we did not want to invest time. we wanted something that we could wear every single day of our life. That is when the hunt began for wedding bands in gold. The gold finish was more important to us than the design itself.


After searching high and low, my partner found the perfect pairs right in Delhi at Allukas jewelry. Just the right matted gold finish with a slight white gold band on the top and bottom. It even had a pretty diamond on it that did not pierce through at the bottom. The finish of the ring was smooth on the inside and outside. The diamond just perfectly snuggled into the ring body. We knew we wanted our rings to be personal to us. So we decided to engrave something into the rings. Instead of opting for the name engraved on the outer part of the ring, we decided to go for a more personal message. We decided to write a line of vow!

Vows Forever | mitzitup.com| Read about the vows in my engagement ring

Now, we knew vows are not a custom in India. Though the idea of having a single line vow for each other sounded perfect for us. So we both secretly began to think of the vow for each other. Even though we were short of time, Allukas Manager agreed to deliver the engraved ring that comes all the way from Mumbai a day before my partner flew down for our engagement. We just had to take the risk! Finally, when it was the day to get it engraved, we had to tell each other what they were. It is a wonderful feeling to have a partner who can complete your sentence- quite literally! He came up with the vow ‘Let’s start with Forever’. I came up with the vow ‘From today, Forever’. Together, it sounded pretty perfect:

‘Lets start with Forever. From Today, Forever’

Vows Forever | mitzitup.com| Read about the vows in my engagement ring

We attached the initials of our name to the sentence too. It felt perfect. When two people put a ring on it, they give oneself to each other. That is a promise. A vow!

A vow to be there in good & bad. a vow to be one another’s strength and support forever. It’s your life that you promise your love. Forever!    Vows Forever | mitzitup.com| Read about the vows in my engagement ring

Today, two years later, all I can say is ‘Thank you Shine- for putting a ring on it!’ 


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