Why Te-A-Me Ice Brew is my New Summer Favourite

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know how much I love tea. My version of tea is not the milky one; rather just the infused ones with no sugar added. Let’s say its just a habit and has nothing to do with being healthy. I keep looking out and purchasing a lot of infused tea, green tea, white tea etc. This summer has been especially excruciating and I was looking out for cold-brew tea options. While I was out there looking for more fruit flavored ones, I came across Te-A-Me Ice Brew that launched recently.


Tea-me Ice Brew are a delicious blend of fruits, herbs and flowers. They come in 5 different flavors of ice brews – lemon, wild berry, peach, mint green, lychee. They are all natural, super tasty and super refreshing. Whats better, they are very healthy too. With prices starting from INR 295 for 18 tea bags, its an amazing deal. You know what is better? They have a launch offer of 10% discount on site. (Stocking up for office right now)


For the undecided, like me, who cannot commit to a single flavor, there is a box of all flavors available at INR 260.Tea-A-Me Ice Brew was an instant hit with my summer parties- especially this football season. The kids love it, the adults love it.

Benefits of Ice Brew Tea

  1. The taste is much more smoother than a hot brew tea- due to slow infusion.
  2. Hassle Free beverage which can be made anywhere
  3. The main reason is- its healthier than hot brew tea. In hot brew tannins, or polyphenols are pulled from the tea due to hot water reaction. Tannins can reduce the amount of healthy iron absorption from food. Ice brew has lesser tannis released.
  4. To all who want to reduce caffeine- go for Ice Brew tea

Ingredients used:

100% natural ingredients, NON GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colors.

How to make a Te-A-Me Ice Brew:

Pour yourself a glass (or jug works fine too) of ice cold water. Pop in a bag of your favorite flavor Te-A-Me Ice Brew bag and wait for the magic to happen few a few minutes. Give it a good stir after few minutes and enjoy your Tea-me Ice Brew.

Keep in mind not to keep it directly under sunlight for too long or leave it out too long.

My experience with Te-A-Me Ice Brew:

Even though they say a glass of water, I use it in a jug and leave it in a little longer to get the correct infusion. The amazing flavor and refreshing taste is perfect for this scotching summer. I loved it and would definitely repurchase.

Are you a tea-fan? Have you tried Ice-brew tea?Comment below what do you think.

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