5 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Partner

Now, You’ve missed your periods and you are worried?

Or, you have been undergoing treatment and waiting for that moment?

You go ahead and take the home test- and you see the second pink line! Ecstasy!

Well, it’s perfectly normal for you to freak out! To feel numb, or to feel excited. Its all normal! I was in such a huge denial- I refused to speak about it- or even think about it. I remember me being at my parents home for vacation, when I got to know about lil pea coming our way. Well, due to the whole excitement of my family- my partner had to know from me just via a phone call. Well, this post is to help you to break the news to your partner or to your relatives- provided you dint spill the beans to your huge joint family first (Groan!! Family Vacations are no place to do the test- Lesson learnt) I did make up to it later with Shine- scroll to the last of the post to see..

Let me tell you some super fun ways to break the news about your lil one that’s on the way!

1. Gift of the Baby’s Size

Whenever you get to know you are pregnant, start to calculate back and see how far are you already. This is pretty simple. Your first day of being pregnant is calculated as the first day of your last period. Yes, I know it is weird and had a talk to my doc- how can you count a day I was bleeding out!! Well, that is how it is! So, you know how many weeks are you at! I knew mine at 6th week! I freaked out to know I was more than a month pregnant already! It gave me guilt trips about all the alcohol consumed during the last month!

So, calculate how far are you and look at this chart below to find how big your baby is:

How big is your Baby | mitzitup.com Now, back to the Pregnancy Announcement part- pack up a box with the seed/fruit of your baby’s size. Add a hand written note and leave it as a gift for him! He will be surprised and over-whelmed with joy!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com


2. Use your Furry Baby 

This one is my absolute favourite and I feel if they are your babies, they should be a part of the plan as well! I had my pregnancy announcement to family and friends through a pic with Zoey! Your partner will love this picture forever- and its quite a fun way to announce your new member.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com


3. Propose him with a Pacifier

Get a pacifier and put it in a ring box. Propose him! Go ahead! It’s your turn!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com

4. Draw on your Tummy

Well I must admit- you or your partner might not have touched your tummy as much as you will be doing from now. Tummy is the center of your universe for 9 months! So why not get creative there! I remember standing there in front of the mirror wondering- that’s gonna get huge and accommodate a kicking human! Get your washable sketch pen/ eyeliner out and write on your tummy your special message. I bet he is going to come running to hug your tummy first seeing this Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com

5. Gift a Baby Onesie /Shoe

Order a gift pack with a baby cloth / shoe to your partner. Add in a special note. I did this Pregnancy Announcement! I ordered these cute lil unisex booties from mothercare. It has a helicopter and ‘Wooosh’ written on the sole. A little known secret: He always wanted to be a pilot. I send it with a note- You’re going to a Daddy! He loved it !!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas | mitzitup.com

Hope you have got enough inspirations for when you know the news about your little bundle of joy! Hope you loved these cute Pregnancy Announcement ideas.



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