Avon Planet Spa Olive Oil Mask | 30 Day- 30 Mask Series

Winter this year has been longer than usual and its safe to say that my skin does not welcome that wholeheartedly. My skin has been a dry mess and keeping my skin hydrated and sane has been a huge task for me- one that I desperately fail at. Thanks to Avon Planet Spa Olive Oil Mask, I can keep my sanity with just a 15 minute masking session.


The entire range of Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil is amazing in itself. I have tried their body butter as well but this Avon Planet Spa Olive Oil Mask is definitely my favorite. It comes in a 75 ml plastic tube of light green color. The product is a viscous liquid with a mild fragrance which I like. I certainly am a low-fragrance lover and would like my skincare products to remain the same. I have never seen any sense in overtly fragrance products.You are supposed to apply an even layer of the Avon Planet Spa Olive Oil Mask onto your skin and after 15 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water. You can easily let it stay overnight as well I feel- though those are entirely my view.

The formulation of the mask is more like a cream/gel that applies transparent on the skin. It doesn’t necessarily dry on the face. The mask is heavenly hydrating is true sense. My horribly dry skin soaks up all the moisture and thanks me later with a healthy glow. It is not one of those instant result masks but the feel good, relaxed kind of mask.


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