Curly Wurly Woes!

Hey Beauties!!

Today I’m here with a special requested post- for the curly hair lovelies among my readers! Yes, we all know the curly hair looks lovely and voluminous! There is a lot of effort that goes into making it look so! I know my friends who have battled frizz all life due to the curly hair! Most of them end up getting it permanent straightened to avoid the effort. Let me tell you, with proper care and love, you will start loving your curly hair! So lets embrace our curly hair and take care of our locks!

1. Embrace your Curls!

I know a lot of girls who just end up straightening their curly hair (permanent or temporary). Their explanation seems legit too- saves time every day! Right! Do you even know the amount of damage you have done to your hair lovelies?

Having curly hair is not a sin! Exposing them to harmful harsh chemicals and heat daily is a hideous crime! You will soon be left with no hair to straighten out darlings!! You burn out your roots and destroy the texture of the hair. So, take a moment and promise your hair that you will take care of it! Ditch that straightener and hair dryer! Use a Diffuser if you really need to. Let me show you something funny from Tall N Curly to just love your hair!


2. Get a Trim

I know your hair is damaged. I know your hair has been ignored. I also know that your hair needs a stylist first! Get a trim about every six months to prevent frizz and maintain your overall hair health. Your stylist can help you get a good trim and help you understand your hair texture better. When there is a chance of hair being damaged frequently (such as the summer months or chemical treatments/heat treatments) , a trim every three months is a good idea. You know you are in for the stylists charm, when your hair refuses to listen to you and you find it hard than usual to tame them. Those split ends need expert attention!


3. Moisturize your Locks

Oil is your best friend! You need to moisturize those thick locks to get rid of all that damage while brushing, heating, treating and styling. Before taking a shower, massage in some oil. You can use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Garnier has come up with a new product- Oil in Cream that can help you with replacing the oil. It has the goodness of all the oils in a cream texture! Click on the pic and give it a try ladies!

Garnier Oil in Cream for Curly hair |

Macadamia Oil and Moroccan oil are very good for your hair too! These are now available in India (even their shampoos, conditioners and masks)

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Real Girls Reccomend:

A few of my curly beauties have recommended hair packs once a week! This is a sure shot thing most curly hair ladies swear by.

Make a mask of Banana, honey and Olive oil. Apply this for 30 minutes before shower. Wash off in normal cold water.

Banana, Oilive Oil & Honey Hair Mask |

Another mask was Egg whites once every week. This one I have done all my life and I can say- it works!! It is just so – nourishing.

4. Now Lock the Moisture!

Now that you have showered after your deep conditioning or oiling- be gentle with your locks! Using a wide tooth comb goes as a golden rule with the curly hair. Many curly beauties recommend swapping your usual towel for an old T-shirt. This absorbs the water and goes mild with your curls. To know how to get perfect dry curls after your wash, have a look at this video. This method is called Plopping!(what a fancy name!)

Real Girls Recommend:

Products are a curly hair beauties best friends. Investing in some good products can make you love your hair!

Serum- Leave-in-conditioner and a styling spray/mist. These three products should be in your stack always! After a quick drying of your hair, make sure you take some serum and run though your locks. This will help in reducing the frizz and damage. Bed Head Control Freak seemed to be a favorite among very frizzy haired girls, while some could do with matrix serum as well.

A few products that the girls recommended to be really working are listed here. Click away! (Discounts are available too!!) I did a lot of research to find you THE BEST STUFF in Indian market. Many products are out of stock in most of the online stores. I have tried compiling them here. In case I missed out any, please let me know and I would add it here!



5. Know what suits

Now that I have told you all about the products- let me burst the bubble for you. No hair is the same! Especially the curly hairs! You need to try on the product and if it works for you, repurchase. Else just try another.

Knowing what you’re putting in your hair is half the battle to perfect curls. Silicones in curly hair products will produce build up in your hair and scalp due to their inability to dissolve in water. Since their names can be quite difficult to remember, just keep in mind that anything ending in “cone,” “conol,” “col,” or “xane,” should be avoided. The only exceptions here are those ingredients with the abbreviations “PEG” or “PPG” in front of them. This abbreviation will alert you that they were made to be water-soluble, and won’t produce the build-up other silicones are known to cause. This list from Naturally Curly sums up all the sillicones for you! Check for Sulfates in your shampoo too. They dry up your hair. You should be using a mild sulfate-free shampoo.

6. Detangle!

I told you about the golden rule- wide tooth brush. Also, try not to mess with your hair once you have styled it with the products. The more you mess with it, the more it will frizz up. Keep a water mister in you bag. Anytime you want to retouch your curls, just spray on some and run your soft fingers through them. Stay away from Brushing your hair- ever!!


7. Who wants to have some fun?

Enough of the rules! Who said curly girls cant rock hairstyles? Let me be honest with you- I envy the curly hair girls for the awesome hairstyles they can do so naturally! C’mon- their hair is their best accessory! Let me show you how some chics are rocking it! styles you can recreate very easily!

Checkout this hairstyles to rock the party! Curly girl- you are a stunner ! Nobody rocks a scarf style better than a curly girl!

Curly girls rock scarfs better |

8. Of Course there are Tips!!

Did you think I would go away without giving you the pearls of wisdom my curly girls have told me? ?Here is the top 5 tips they wanted me to tell you!

1. Use a satin pillow cover. This prevents frizz.

2. Comb you hair in shower. It is much manageable! Make sure you don’t go too rough on them though!

3. Invest in a Diffuser Hairdryer. It sets your hair beautifully!

4. Wash using only conditioner. This is called co-washing. Deep condition once a week.

5. The Long Bobs look sexiest on curly hair. They are in-trend too. Go get yours!

Hope you curly beauties loved the post. Tell me what extra do you do for your curly hair. I’d love to add it here.

See ya’ with a new post soon

Much Love


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