My Microdermabrasion Experience

Being a Beauty Blogger I have always had an eye out for great skincare services. I truly believe that skincare and body wellness is the foundation of beauty. With the heavy pollution in Delhi, my skin tends to look tired very soon. I have tried a lot of at-home/ at-salon treatments- some of which I like and some I absolutely did not. I have been thinking of consulting a skin clinic for the longest of time. With a lot of functions happening in family, I really had to renew my skin. I had been eyeing the skin polishing or a Microdermabrasion treatment to rejuvenate my skin and get rid of the fine lines or any signs of tiredness.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to visit Clinic Calee at Sector 18, Noida. It was pretty near to the DLF Mall of India. Initially, I had gone there to get the details about the treatment and to check the prices. The Clinic was a calm and serene place in middle of the madness of the market. A true spa-like feel. On arrival, they served me with their signature Calee drink which has a lot of ingredients that are excellent for skin and hair wellness. It is freshly prepared in-house every day. While I sat there pretty much impressed, the in-house skin specialist Suwellyn took me to her consultation room to study my skin and suggest me the best treatment.


I was bowled over to know that Clinic Calee deals with Aesthetic Dermatology / Cosmetology for Skin & Hair, Weight Loss & Permanent Laser Hair Reduction, which are minimally invasive & non-surgicalThey are majorly into skin care solutions, hair restoration, weight loss, laser hair reduction, acne scar & pigmentation removal and anti-ageing. My obvious question was how different are they from a Salon? All their treatments are clinically approved and are performed by trained therapists. Every single treatment is performed only after thorough examination of the client skin. Apart from skincare & hair care solutions, they have nail extensions and a best-in-class makeup studio. I was so impressed by the explanation that I decided to go for the recommended Microdermabrasion treatment.



What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. It also enriches the skin underneath to create healthier skin with better collagen and elastin properties. It is not suitable for sensitive skin and acne prone skin as well. Microdermabrasion is not for deep wrinkles, heavy acne or skin sagging- those require other clinical treatments. My skin was a right choice for this particular treatment.

My Clinic Calee Experience with Microdermabrasion

I was taken to one of the five treatment rooms and given a Calee gown to change into. My therapist arrived in no time and made sure she explained each step of the process to me. She explained what product she was using at each step and made sure to let me know she was sanitizing her hand after each step. She used the device with diamond nozzle to suck out impurities in my skin. With a slight suction pressure, she cleansed my entire face and even showed me the final result in the disposable pad inside the device. The whole process- which ended in a relaxing face pack and body massage lasted for about an hour. The entire experience was just like a spa. Soothing music, body massage and a cooling pack. After the treatment, she even gave me another glass of their signature Calee drink to rejuvenate from inside.


 Just outside my treatment room, was the nail section where a girl was getting her beautiful nail extensions done. This really tempted me go for one. It was my first time getting the nail extensions too! Well, a girl can never tire of vanity isn’t it? The nail technician was calm and answered all my queries and discussed all my concerns. Well, in no time I had the prettiest crome nails on my fingers and was chatting away to the co-owner Ms.Roma about my heavy under eye bags. Oh, it felt great to have someone to talk about all your skin woes. I had not realized time fly by, and she was so sweet to order me a filling salad for lunch. It felt great.

img_20180615_185745111_hdrimg_20180629_175710409_hdrClinic Cal

Overall my Microdermabrasion (and nail extension) experience at Calee Clinic had been wonderful. I think I’ve found my one stop solution for all my skin and hair concerns. They even have a great weight loss program going on with really attractive rates. I loved their service so much, I have already booked up my next appointment. If you are interested in a service at Clinic Calee, you can use my code MIT10 to get 10% off. Is there a service you want me to try and tell you about? Jot it down in comments and I’ll definitely try it.

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