Desi Vibes- Kerala Sari

Many a times, you love something so dearly you cant ever let go of it. That is what my culture is for me. Wherever I live, wherever I go. this one thing remains. This is exactly why I love my Kerala sari so dearly. Yes, for those who did not know, I am from Kerala. Being a fashion blogger opens up your horizons to go ahead and experiment with your looks and find peace with yourself. The handcrafted Kerala sari just goes well with anything and I wanted to show you guys how sheer simplicity can be the best elegance you can wear. India is a wonderful land and Kerala is truly a lush green paradise.

I have teamed a paired a Kerala Sari along with a self-designed cotton top/ crop top to create an easy breezy look. That is all what being a fashion blogger I try to inspire you- to get out of the comfort zones and explore the zillion options available. My cookie-monster Zoey insisted being a part of this post- So here we are!

Desi Vibes- Kerala Sari | Desi Vibes- Kerala Sari | Desi Vibes- Kerala Sari |

I have my Gold jhumkis I got from Kalyan Jewelry. They have some of the best gold temple designs I’ve seen. So in love with them. Keeping the accessorizing to minimum, I wore a bracelet I thrifted from Connaught Place, Delhi and a silver ring gifted by a dear friend long ago.

Have I told you Zoey has a new friend now? She kind of bullies him though. He is a jolly good fellow and they play for hours in a day, whenever they meet.

Desi Vibes- Kerala Sari |

If you love your ethic wear like I do, jot down all about it below. I’d love to hear from ya’ll. If you have pics related to it, tag #mitzitup and post them up on Instagram.

So much for today. Meet you guys soon with another post.

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