Thinking Upside Down

In my childhood, me and my sibling used to enjoy doing this one funny stunt- lying opposite to a wall, walking up to the wall and pretending to stand upside down. This lasted till we tripped and fell down. We used to count who could do it longer. Sometimes we fall into the safety of the bed and sometimes the hard marble floor. Things we saw upside down were different and always made us think, what if the world was really upside down? Time passed, textbooks taught us gravity and things moved on. We haven’t attempted the stunts since those innocent childhood days but sometimes those thoughts I had while standing upside down does come drizzling back to me. What if the world was upside down? What if the truths you believed were all a lie? What if all the rules that tied you were just erased forever? Ahhh… Innocence had its Bliss!

StyleFlies has collaborated with MIU to bring you some awesome collection in crop tops. Here I shall be styling one of their best crop tee. Just look at the lovely packaging the top came in. I plan to DIY it to a jewelry holder- or maybe a pen stand. Well, I haven’t decided it yet. It’s just too pretty, I’m scared I’d mess it up!Thinking Upside Down |

Shooting for this project brought back those memories from childhood. This crop top from the very creative brand “StyleFlies” resonates with my upside down world. Here I am styling the top with a basic tee and a statement sneaker wedges from Puma.

Thinking Upside Down | Thinking Upside Down | mitzitup.comThinking Upside Down | Thinking Upside Down |

The ‘what if’s’ of childhood are different from the ‘what if’s’ of adulthood. The ‘I wish…’ of childhood had hope filled in it and the ones in adulthood a regretful pain. How I wish we could just walk the walls to re-imagine that funny upside down world again.

In case you love the crop tee and would love to own one, MIU and StyleFlies have partnered in a giveaway to give off one tee of your choice. All you need to do i fill in this rafflecopter form in a few simple steps. You will love their collection and I thought it’s better to leave the choice of prize to you. I love you guys!!

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