BNT Girls India – First Look Beautybox

I have something VERY exciting to share with you guys! I am the first Indian Blogger to be a BNT Girl.

BNt Girls July 2015 |

Now what is a BNT Girl and what is the big deal?? BNT Girls is part of BNT News global beauty blogger. BNT News is a media specializing in fashion, beauty, entertainment, Korean wave, cultural and arts. The website itself is available in 7 languages: Korea, Chinese, Japanese, France, Vietnamese, Thailand, and English. If Korean fashion, pop culture or beauty interests you, this is the place to go!

They select a few bloggers all over the world and send them Luxury Korean beauty products to review. They are also a part of the internal networking of international bloggers. I was not even aware of this when I received a mail from them inviting me to be a part of their international BNT girls network. I even thought it was a spam (How could I??). After a good conversation with their team, they added me onto their Facebook page and send me a beauty-box for the month of July.

Now, what is all the rave about being the BNT girl? To start with, I am the ONLY Indian blogger who is a BNT girl yet (**drumroll**). And, Indian market still does not have access to much Korean skincare products! Apart from Innisfree, who only has store in Delhi NCR; there is no other Korean brand that is operating in India. Korean skincare is years ahead of the international skincare products. Their products are made with better advanced technology and better ingredients- they are well known to give results! To be getting full-size Korean luxury products coming all the way from Korea every month- I consider myself very lucky! That is a BNT Girl!

bntgirls badge |

Now, Do you wanna see the Beautybox?

BNT Girls - July Beautybox |

The packaging was so good, I couldn’t wait to see what it was inside!

BNT Girls - July Beautybox |


BNT Girls - July Beautybox |

Cant wait to try all these products. I haven’t heard most of their names! The packaging looks very classy. Some are written only in Korean- this is going to be fun!! I will have to do some real research before I put it in front of you guys with a detail review! Watch this space for all these goodies!!

Anybody using any Korean cosmetics? Tell me more about it.


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