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This is my first post for all the men out there! Yes, I love you all too! Thank you for the support and all the suggestions you have poured in. MIU is your go-to place as well! When I had a discussion with few of my friends what they would wanna see first on MIU, for the men’s posts, most of them suggested doing a basic post about skin care.

Growing up a man, you may have observed your mother or sister doing their skin care with all the cleansers, scrubs, masks and cosmetics. There was a taboo attached to boys being interested in these stuff. So, you chose to stay away from these stuff. You knew your skin wasn’t as soft & smooth as your sister or mother, but thought that it did not matter to anybody. You ignore you mom wailing about your looks and all that pollution and sun-damage causing dullness. You have peacefully ignored all your skin needs all these years! Till you reach your mid-20s. Well, enough!! Let’s hit the reset button! Let me give you a simple manual to reset your skin to its healthy self.

I shall be concentrating on the city boy who is busy with his work and has ignored his health & body for long enough. I do take into account the alcohol & smoke abuse you have put your body through. Yes, I know men like to have minimum products on their shelf and I promise to keep it simple. The manual shall come into you mail box in parts- all you need to do is subscribe by putting you E-mail ID on the sidebar column. In this post, I shall be concentrating on cleansing the toxins from your body!

Presenting the City Boys’s Skin Reset Manual Part 1…

No amount of Skin care products can save you if your system is not right. As I have always said, real good glowing skin comes right from what you eat! You are what you eat! I am not going to give you a lesson on eating clean and eating on time, or reducing your alcohol consumption! NO! What I am going to tell you will help you to cleanse your skin of the toxins that are accumulated within your body!!

1. Detox once a week

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 |

Yes, City Boy’s Skin Reset is to do with food & diet too (You did not believe that I would omit this for real, did you?). You need to detox once a week! You have put your body through a lot of junk food, alcohol & what not! Set aside a day comfortable for you to detox your body. Start your day with warm water mixed with ginger,lemon & honey. Stick to clean eating for the day- more vegetables & salads. This will help you to detox your body slowly and give it time to repair the damage.

2. Anti Oxidants & Multivitamins

Apart from the fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants, City Boy’s skin reset needs a quick solution for anti-oxidant supply, like this Inlife Antioxidant tablets. It contains lycopene, Grape Seed & Green Tea Extract along with the necessary Vitamins and Minerals. This will ensure your skin repairs itself and slows down the aging process. Add a heavy duty multi-vitamin supplement to it like the Nature’s Bounty Ultra Man High Potency  to help your skin repair itself from within.

 City Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 |

3. Hydrate Your Skin

Do not under-estimate the role of water in a City Boy’s skin reset. Water can help you hydrate your dry and dull skin to a give a glow. It helps in flushing out the toxins from your body as well. To add up, a few simple additions to your water can turn it into a potentially powerful detox tool- the detox water. I have written about it here. Invest in having a water- bottle for yourself and keep sipping all day! In no time your skin will change for good!

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 |

4. Understand your skin

You need to do have a clear understanding of your skin and the products that you apply on them. Stay mild to you skin. A few suggestions for the City Boy’s skin reset are:

  • Give up on those harsh soaps you have been using, and opt for a milder shower gel or soap.
  • Use products for your skin type. Dry, normal or Oily.
  • Use face wash on your face. Using a body scrub once a week will get rid of dead cells.
  • Sunscreen is not a makeup- it is a medicate lotion to protect you from harmful UV rays! Invest in one. My partner certifies the Votre sun protection mist to be man friendly. It is easy to apply and water based. (Just keep your eyes and lips shut.)

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 |

5. A Good Sleep

I am a person who could do with 5 hours of sleep. That is what I had thought for a very long time. My dark circles never left me as well. Since I started having good 7-8 hours of sleep daily, I can see real improvement on my skin & under eye bags. Guys, do not make the mistake of down-cutting your sleep time. Sleep at a fixed schedule and get a 7-8 hours sleep. Keep your gadgets away for then -your skin needs its time to rejuvenate. Sleep time is your skin repair time. So, this is essentially a part of City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual.

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual Part 1 |

6. Avoid these Mistakes

Well, while I was busy telling you all what you should do, I realized many of you are not aware of the Dont’s of skincare! So, Jotting down a few, related to skin cleansing.

  • For no reason, over-clean your skin. This will just take away all the natural oil of the skin. Twice a day is good enough! (Unless you are out in the sun/ gym sweating)
  • Do not go for strong products- no you are not a hippo skinned person! That high abrasive scrub you got will do you more damage. Face cleaning and floor cleaning are two different things mate!
  • Please don’t ignore skin issues. Go to a dermatologist who can help you.

Hope you liked the Part 1. Wait up for the Part 2. It is going to be on the Skin care products you need.

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