How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Finding a perfect pair of jeans has always been a daunting task. Only if I could remember all those times I have tried ordering a jean online (sometimes even brought them from a store- after a trial!) and had to return it in a couple of days! Yes, each person has a different body and finding that perfect pair of jeans that fits just right on your UNIQUE set of curves- that’s a jigsaw puzzle! For long, I kept sticking to the same brand which I knew offered me a good fit and just kept repurchasing it. Then I started the trial and error method- via online shopping (Thank God for free returns!). after much hassle, I have my stash of loyal jeans and have come to understanding that some brands just don’t work for me. Apart from this, there are a few points to remember to find your Perfect Pair of Jeans- trust me on this- I have formulated it over the years!

How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of JeansHow I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of JeansHow I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

1. Know your Body

This is one huge step towards finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans (or any clothing!). Take a good look at a full-size mirror and judge your body shape. I have a wider hip and a narrow waist. This poses me a problem that most of the jeans I fir that are fit enough for my hips are too loose for my waist and if I wear a belt (which I hate!) it would make weird folds! you need to be clear about your body shape before you head for your jean shopping! I have found that some brands like Jealous21 even offer jeans with different combinations of waist and hip. That is a brilliant idea I feel!

How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

2. Take time to Try

This was my No.1 mistake earlier- making me run back for returns! If you are store shopping (and not doing the online one!) I suggest that you take your time to test and try each size of the denim. I usually take a size up and down to the trial room- so I don’t have to run back to pick the next size! (Yes, I learned this painstakingly after losing the fitting room to the overcrowded showroom customers!). This way you save yours and other’s time. when you think you have a perfect fit- squat! Yes, you heard me right! Squat the hell out-  to see if it is still comfortable and you don’t have any embarrassing skin shows (read butt crack on display). I have often found myself doing karate kicks in fitting rooms just to ensure I can even do a marathon in those babies!

3. Invest in Good Perfect Pair of Jeans

How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

I would always tell to look for a better fit over a brands as a thumb rule- though, Keep in mind that you buy a jeans for a long-time wear. We all know what our jeans go through! Invest in a good quality jeans that you are sure will last you for long. Also, get more bang for your buck by choosing a pair that works for all occasions- daytime, night dinner, picnic or even travel. Just keep in mind that jeans will stretch out a little so go with the size that is a little snug rather than a little loose.

4. Alter to your length

Jeans have been coming in all lengths now and there is really no rule to the correct size of jeans. If you are going for a boyfriend jeans, make sure it is not longer than your ankles and it fits just loose enough. If you are going for a regular fit, it should be almost skimming the ground when you are standing. I have jeans which I have left intentionally long- as I love to cuff my jeans.

How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

5. Rise, Cut & Wash

These are the design aspects of the jeans and again changes from person to person. Some points you may find useful are below:

  • A darker wash is more figure flattering than a lighter one. Still, you need to have a dark blue shade of denims as a wardrobe staple!
  • Petite beauties look their best in skinny fit. Just say no to capri length- always!
  • Unless you have long legs, DO NOT attempt boot cut!
  • A high waist jeans can always save your day making you look longer. Avoid it if you have a very thick upper body though.

How I Mastered Picking the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Hope you find your Perfect Pair of Jeans fit after this! Post me a picture of your favorite jeans on Instagram with the hashtag #mitzitupjeans and I promise to reply to all of you! Find me on Instagram here.


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