KICHO Real Curved Multi-Brush Review

Hi Darlings!

Today I am reviewing the latest KICHO Real Curved Multi-Brush by KICHO. Kicho, the natural cosmetics brand of Dooyeon Corporation that has over 50 years of history in skincare and believe in natural ingredient for their skincare. I have already tried out their  Kicho Oval Brush and KICHO Real Curved Foundation Brush. This is the last of the three brushes BNT send me to try- and the most fancy looking!

KICHO Real Curved Multi-Brush Review |

Let us take a moment to actually take in how cute this brush looks! Good-looks department- CHECK! I loved the design, the comfortable handle and the curve on the brush that goes smoothly over every curve on your face. The KICHO Real Curved Multi-Brush can be used with liquid as well as powder foundation and still does a great job. It is large enough to cover the whole face effortlessly and give a flawless look. Easy to use and very handy design.

KICHO Real Curved Multi-Brush Review |

A few days into the usage, I found that a few bristles were falling off. I am not sure if it was a faulty manufacturing for the one I got or with the brush in general. That was kind of not impressive. Prices at $24, I would definitely expect more from this brush. I have no complaints about the design or function- though not very happy with the bristle quality. Small things do matter- isnt it?

I have gone ahead and posted a video where I am giving my First impressions review of few KICHO brushes. Make sure you check it out below. If you like the video, don’t forget to go ahead to my channel and click SUBSCRIBE.

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