Kicho Oval Brush Review

I’m back with a brand new Korean brush review. Today I am reviewing the latest Kicho Oval Brush by KICHO. Kicho, the natural cosmetics brand of Dooyeon Corporation that has over 50 years of history in skincare and believe in natural ingredient for their skincare. I have already tried out their Sheep Oil Cream and amazing Sleeping Mask.

Kicho Oval Brush |

With Huge expectations, I started trying out the first brush from KICHO which was the Kicho Oval Brush. The packaging was chic and simple. With all that rave around oval brushes, I could barely wait to try it out.

My Experience with Kicho Oval Brush:

Kicho Oval Brush was definitely small for a full face foundation cover, but it serves as a great tool for concealer cover. Some days I just prefer wearing just the concealer and Kicho Oval Brush is a great brush for perfect concealer application. With such dense and soft bristles the Kicho Oval Brush covers the face naturally by fitting the pores completely.

Kicho Oval Brush |

The sleek metallic design of Kicho Oval Brush was pretty impressive, though the plastic body was a put off. Priced at around $19, one would expect the brush body to be a more sturdy material. I have no complaints about the bristles as they give me a flawless finish every time for my under-eyes.img_8399
Kicho Oval Brush |

Overall, Kicho Oval Brush has been a huge hit in my vanity and i love using it every time for my concealer routine.

I have gone ahead and posted a video where I am giving my First impressions review of few KICHO brushes. Make sure you check it out below. If you like the video, don’t forget to go ahead to my channel and click SUBSCRIBE.

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