Mommy Diaries Begin Here!


A huge thank you to every single reader who congratulated us on our new journey! Me and Shine are very grateful and blessed to have your wishes.

While I’m getting ready to get my lil pea into the world, I cant forget Im a blogger too. I owe you guys all the success and happiness blogging has given me. Many of you have told me to keep blogging and even start on my pregnancy jouney through the blog. This may help/ inspire all the to-be moms out there!

I know I am not perfect and I goof up. The pregnancy is a journey I’m on for the first time and would love to share every single detail with you guys! So gear up for some real facts on pregnancy! I promise you loads of practical info and lots of fun all along!

Zoey is my pregnancy pic partner!

Mommy Diaries Pregnancy Months  Pics with Dog | Mommy Diaries Pregnancy Months  Pics with Dog |

So, lets get this Mommy Diaries started!

Much Love


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