Finding Your Identity Beyond Motherhood

Hey My Mitzie Bugs,

How have you guys been? I’m back to talk to you guys about a topic that we most often ignore – Finding Your Identity beyond Motherhood. Very Often, we mothers get sucked up into being good mothers for our kids that we ignore ourselves. I plead guilty for having that phase where I have forgot to even have a shower. My entire life revolved around my baby and his needs.

As much as they need us, there are other important things to attend to in our VERY- BUSY life. You guys must be wondering what more can a time-crunched , sleep-deprived zombie of a mommy do? I remember hearing the saying that ‘You are the only person who can give your children a happy mother’ . Your sanity and happiness will make a lot of difference in the way they grow up. While you wouldn’t want to miss out on any part of their life, you need to make space for yourself mamma. You have an Identity beyond Motherhood.

I have seen a lot of mothers say they gave up on their talent, job or whatever that defined them post baby. They merely become a mom and nothing more. They suck up the role so much and strive to be the best mommy. Let me remind you, years later, your little bud will grow up and have his own personality. He/ She will need someone to look up to and be inspired. Being just a mom (I admit is a heavy-duty task) may just not be enough.

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Hold your horses before you give your kid that guilt trip that you did not pursue that baking career you loved or that sales opportunity you looked up for because you loved them. Mamma- lets get things straight. You following your dreams will not make you a bad mom. People who are out there to give you a guilt trip are unworthy. I can tell you for myself- I have felt my mom was always too busy- but that does not stop me from being mighty proud of her achievements. I look up to her to have solutions for problems. so, while you follow your dreams, you are becoming a great mom- one who can inspire your kids. One who is not afraid to pursue her dreams. You give them free thinking and independence. Mamma- you become a great mommy.

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