Why I was missing for Two Months & am Unapologetic about it!!

I cant help but admit my priorities have changed ever since Akshiv happened and I have taken a backseat with my blog at different levels. Every decision I take is weighed against my priority towards him and my time with him. I guess this is what motherhood does to you- and I’m totally unapologetic about it. I never knew I could let something I love so much take a pause for a while. I have no clue when my mind made that decision to not fret. To just let it be. To just go with the flow and enjoy the moment now. Before I knew, my delicate little squishy new born has grown to be a head-strong toddler who keeps running around the house making his rules!

5 Major Safety Concerns for a New Mom

Every other event that comes through, I weigh it against his sleep time being altered. Every extra commitment I made would mean lesser time spend with him. The guilt of being a working mother never ends- as your little one grows up so fast right in front of you and you feel like you want to clasp that time to not move an inch. I’ve been juggling quite a lot of things and I used to worry and panic about not being able to do anything perfectly. Slowly, the wisdom of motherhood dawned on me- it was NEVER meant to be perfect. The beauty of life are these imperfections. My mind decided to take a break from something I love so dearly- blogging – to cherish the feelings I would never get back.

All the social media rants and blogging and vlogging world would catch up on you once a while, and such a digital detox would work great I feel. It made me refreshed and prepared my mind for new challenges. I am supercharged and back with a great news – Mitzitup will now be on YouTube as well! I shall be uploading new videos every Monday and Thursday. Make sure you subscribe to Mitzitup on YouTube and watch my videos. Tell me your suggestions, thoughts and opinions. I’m all ears!!

Life is what happens when you were busy making memories!

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