Valentines Day Special- Postpartum Body Loving

I know today is Valentines Day and you would expect me to put up something related to love and romance. Well, I am here talking to you about love- but loving yourself. Loving your Postpartum body.

Postpartum Body Loving |

Learning to love your postpartum body is a challenge in itself. Throughout the pregnancy, we learn to love our growing body. Every week bought new changes to our body and loving a changing body has been a challenge in itself. Postpartum does not really give you any choice. It is as real and on-the-face as it can get. Apart from the pains, tiredness, lack of sleep and clueless-ness how to handle a newborn, you are left with a body you have always thought of as every version of ugly (not sugar coating words). Loose saggy tummy skin branded with those tummy stripes, all that glow vanished, dark circles, disproportionate fat and every thing you never thought you would never be.

Postpartum Body Loving |

Learning to love this postpartum body has been, as for every girl out there, for me a huge challenge. Even though I lost nearly 10kg just like that in a week, and in 4 months, have reached my pre-pregnancy weight, I do realize that motherhood changes you forever. Your body is not exactly as it was before. These changes are so difficult to accept, some women even slip into postpartum depression. So lets talk on how we can start loving our postpartum body.

  • Motivate yourself not hate!

The desire to get back into your pre-pregnancy body is a great thought. While you hold on to that thought, let me tell you not to mix it with hating your current postpartum body. Use it as a motivation to get back into shape, rather than just sulking over it and hating your body.

  • Mommy, take a Breather!

Hey mamma girl, take a break and stop worrying. You already are doing a great job. So just focus on your and baby’s well-being first. Enjoy your lil bub’s first few months- shamelessly. Do not listen to and internal or external voices that tell you to hit the workout mat right away. Take time to heal your postpartum body, enjoy motherhood and then, when your body is ready- start off with workout.

Postpartum Body Loving |

  • You are (still) a Nourisher!

I cannot stress enough on how wonderful experience breastfeeding is. Apart from building a forever bond between the baby and you, it gives your bub all the necessary nutrients and antibodies. So do not fall into a low- calorie diet. You need to eat healthy and nutritious diet to sustain breastfeeding. And, hey- it is an excellent calorie burner in itself. So don’t listen to the body shamers- go ahead and breastfeed your lil one. It is a wonderful experience.

  • Those are Battle scars!

If you a left with some stretchies over your tummy, hug yourself and call them tiger prints. You just gave birth and that is pretty amazing in itself. Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to you. Giving birth is the most intense and empowering experience you ever had and your body is proof of that amazing experience. Embrace your amazing postpartum body in all its glory.

Postpartum Body Loving |

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