This $6 Concealer is Better than my Entire Concealer Stash Combined!

I have been major high on Colourpop lately. I have stacked up everything from their lip shades, eye shadows, highlighters and blushes. Till lately, Colourpop has been great with pigments and were the king ( should I say queen?) of colours. I had secretly wished they bring about something for the base- a foundation or concealer. That, though sounded very optimistic. Let’s be honest here- colours and pigments are another thing; mastering the base is a whole different ball game! Recently Colourpop came up with their Colourpop No Filter Concealer and I have been eyeing them very apprehensively. A few weeks ago, I made the leap of faith and decided to just go for it. I got myself the Colourpop No Filter Concealer in shade Medium 30. I was majorly confused about the shades and finally finalized on Medium and Light.20.


I always thought I loved my foundation and had my stash of loyal foundations for daily wear. This was till Colourpop No Filter Concealer happened to me and that’s all I ever need. No joke- this one has been a great game changer for me.


First up, the packaging- so cute, sturdy and user friendly. I’ve had it fall down and been thrown ( Thank you son!) several times and its sturdy AF. The applicant is like a liquid lipstick wand and this, is a great feature to keep the product hygienic and easy to apply.



So, that’s me without any makeup- maybe a lip shade from Colourpop ( Shade Goal Digger). My under eye circles are pretty prominent and yea, there is a bit of uneven shade on my face too.

beautyplus_20180105180817_save beautyplus_20180105180915_save

I apply the Colourpop No Filter Concealer in shade Medium 30. I like to apply it on an inverted V under my eyes ( where I want the maximum coverage) a few lines on my forehead, bridge of nose and around my lips (where I have some discoloration). I use a small oval brush to buff it out. You can use any concealer brush or foundation brush- or go au-naturale and use your fingers.

MIU Verdict:

What I love about the formula is that it does not take any effort to actually blend it out or to apply it. It all happens so fluid- I can compare it to a foundation- but with a great coverage. The formula does not break out or thin out at any point. It gives a more-than-medium coverage. I would not really call it full coverage as I have used the Tarte shape tape and that is holy grail shit out there.


Colourpop No Filter Concealer blends out seamlessly without the cakey feel around the mouth or the inner corner of my eyes. Oh! And did I mention it stays on and on? No creasing through the day- no touch ups. Saves me lot of time and effort. It perfectly matte, but not a flat matte. And…. I never have to use any colour correction with this one.So that’s a huge plus. Thank you Colourpop!

So, Is this Colourpop No Filter Concealer my favourite? Well, one step below that Tarte shape tape, but hell yes, this is my favourite go-to concealer/ base for now. I think Colourpop really aced the concealer game with this one. Priced at just $6, its a super steal I’d say. I’m already down to drops on my first tube and have already planned on getting another. There is no turning back once you find that perfect concealer is it? Have you tried the Colourpop No Filter concealer yet? How did you find it? Do you have a go-to concealer, you might want me to try?Jot down in the comments below.

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