Life takes a total drastic turn when a woman turns mother. Apart from the lovely dovely feeling she has when she looks at that beautiful perfect baby she just created, she is tired, sleep deprived and exhausted. Through this, the last thing on her mind is grooming and dressing up. All ya ladies out there will agree to me, if you have lived in a messy hair bun through the first few months post delivery. But, does that stop her from wishing she could dress up and look like her old self? NO.

Now, I am a self admitted bag junkie and love handbags in all sizes and shapes. I can never be happy with just a few and find myself going back to get more. Ladies bags are my pet peeve and my husband knows that real well. In fact I have a full shelf full of bags in various size, shape and colors.

Over the years, I have bought a few stylish bags online for my journey. I got a tote, a satchel, a backpack, a traveller bag and a few clutches and purses. But whatever you might do, you will always fall short of one that particular style which is the latest trend of the hour.

And guess what? That one particular bag got missed by me too… which was none other than SLING BAGS. While buying bags online, I don’t know how did I miss it? But it happened… And the most shocking part was, my husband noticed it. Yeah, seriously… he noticed the style of fashion which he could observe in every lady’s style statement but missing in his own wife.

Do you know what happened next? After a few weeks, while visiting a shopping mall for some baby stuff, he asked me to see a woman who was carrying a black sling bag across her body. I saw the woman, checked out her ladies bag exclusively and replied my husband. He asked me further that whether I liked her style of fashion or not and without any doubts I nodded in Yes. I could see my old self in her and now I am running errands carrying a diaper bag! Not that I’m complaining (motherhood has been so rewarding) but I missed my old self. I did not say anything as I did not want to sound like a bad mother. The conversation ended there and we came back home.

I didn’t know what was going in his mind, neither I asked him. I had a zillion things going on in my mind and was exhausted.  A week later, my doorbell rang and I found a parcel in my name. Curious to know what is inside the package, I immediately opened it and got excited to see a new ladies bag for myself. You won’t believe, I was gifted a brand new black sling bag in the golden chain as a gift from my husband. I cannot explain you the feelings that I experienced at that point in time.


The same evening I got to know about the planning straight from the horse’s mouth. He told me that noticed I needed to catch up with my old self and so he ordered it online the very same day he showed me the woman in the shopping mall. He even told me that he understood that I couldn’t get time for myself. He told, I can keep baby happy only when I am happy myself. I now realise how true it is.

His generosity and kindness won my heart and the thoughtful gift strengthened our love. Since that day, wherever I go, the sling bag is always accompanied with me from shopping malls to movie theatres, from working days to casual day outs. 


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