Life Changing Makeup Hacks you need to know! (Part 1)

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Many of my friends ask me how to get that flawlessness on face when you make up. How much ever you use the products or get the best tools to use them, you just don’t end up with a flawless face. You need a face with the products totally blending in to create a chiseled look that feels natural. It should not be cakey and should definitely not look like a mask.

So I decided to do a post on the much requested Tips & Tricks for the face. Many of you may know these and some may not. I have even given links to the products that can be used- so you can directly purchase them.

Color Balance Wheel

This was a concept I learned very early in my makeup learning sessions. the bright wheel of colors that has so much importance in how to balance out your face.

Have a good look at your face. Notice those bluish dark circles or that reddish pimple mark? The stubborn spot that refuses to go away? Spoils your face right? Had you wished, these spots just magically vanished like you used the Photoshop tool the other day? Poof!! that’s a lot to wish for huh? Before you feel dishearted, let me tell you love, it pretty much possible! A little of the color balancing trick and patience to blend it all in.

You need to neutralize the color that spoils you perfect face. Look at this Color Wheel. 90dcb4fce32aa0cbc8e3cb62a1872f7c

Your under-eyes will have a green-bluish undertone. This makes the concealer that you put look grayish even after a heavy coat. Frustrated after much attempt, you end up with a cakey under-eye or just decide that the under-eye discoloration stays. All you need to do is to dab on some matte red-orange pigmentation below your under-eyes. Dab it on to cover the entire discoloration. Don’t worry about looking funny. This will all be taken care of when you apply the concealer on top of this. No greyish under-eyes anymore… Go ahead with your normal face routine and you look fresh as a lily.

Seriously any normal reddish-orange pigment should work fine though. You can even multi-task your lipstick for this job. Some great orange toned lipsticks/ eye shadows are linked below. Click to purchase:


For Concealers:


Same Color Wheel can be useful in covering that red pimple on your face or those reddish freckles that spoil it for your face. Dab on a bit of green pigment to erase it.

I have been lusting after this Color balancing pallete from Temptu and the awesome Smashbox color-correction Foundation Primer for long.



Do you know there are more uses for the Color Wheel? Remember the situations where you went a lil overboard with your eye shadow pigment? To tone it down a bit, use the opposite color in the wheel on top of it.

You can even go ahead and make Outfit Contrasts with the Color Wheel for a Bright fresh feel.

Match your eye color and find out which color eye-shadow works the best for you.

That is one useful color Wheel huh???

Using Powder Brushes

Now, many of you feel that your face is your canvas and your fingers blend the product better than any Brushes. Let me get this point blank to you ladies! The Brush does a far better job that the fingers. Especially when it comes to mineral powder foundation (That is what I use) and you final step of loose powder. Just a rough use of the brush may not give you that perfect blend. I have learned from a lot of mistakes the best way to use your brush in full face coverage.

Step no 1: Dip you brush into the powder/ Cake to get enough Product on board.

Step no 2: Tap on the brush to get the excess off.

Step no 3: Stamp the Products on the face. Then go round and round on you face to get a even Coverage.

This way, you ensure every crease and pore of your face if filled evenly with the product. Only a Brush can do this work.


Picture Courtesy: The Beauty

Some Brushes you may like are:

closeup_4b92656516a43600aaf4822d71d81d3077a55084_1417501512_FivePieceSet 8904052480617 8904086310393

Magic White Pencil

I’v told you guys in my previous posts how much important a white eye pencil is to pop out that dull eyes. It gives an instant brightness to the eyes. Just one light stoke is good enough.

This little product can multitask as a highlighter too. Use it below your brows, in the in ner triangle of your eyes, the bridge of your nose and on the cheek bones for a crisp and fresh look.

This lil guy can be used as a base for your eye shadows to get the full effect on your eyes.

You can even use them on your lips to get fuller sexier lips.



Pic Courtesy:

Some of the best white liner is given below:

deb-kajalpencil_20 lak_eyeconickajal_1

That all for Part 1. See you guys soon with the next set. Let me know if you try any of these.

Much Love


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