10 Popular Women’s Vintage Hat Styles

10 Popular Women’s Vintage Hat Styles

Lets talk something fun and stylish today- hats. Although not a normal day wear anymore, there was a time when hats were a woman’s priced possessions. Today let us look at the different styles of vintage hats available. You may want to save this post for later.

Merry Widow Hats

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In the 1910s, lavish, wide brimmed hats were squarely in style. Exceptionally large in size, the Merry Widow Hat was worn primarily during the day. They often featured ribbons, feathers, and other trims to further enhance their impact.

The Tudor Beret

These small, soft hats were inspired by the look of men’s head coverings worn during the Renaissance. These hats rose to popularity for a short time during the early 1900s, and featured tassels or feathers for added detail.

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Perhaps the most popular vintage hats, the cloche has an elegant shape. They fit close to the head and enhanced short hairstyles that rose to popularity in the 1920s. While cloches sometimes featured slight brims, they were characterized by their simple, bell-shaped design.

Toque Hats

Sophisticated women in the 1920s wore Toque Hats, which were larger in size than the cloche and worn further down on the head. A hat with French origins, it had a sleek and sophisticated style and completely lacked a brim.

Turban Style Hats

The rise of Oriental influence during the early 20th century is apparent in the popularity of turban style hats. These wrapped hats were extremely luxurious, and often featured jeweled brooches that made them appropriate for wear with evening gowns.

The Tam O’Shanter

The Tam was a type of beret that rose to popularity among women in the 1920s. Not unlike other hair accessories during this decade, it fit close to the head and was adorned with embroidery and needlework for additional detail.

Fascinator Hats

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Fascinator hats are small but impactful. These often intricately designed accessories feature veils, plumes, or other accents that successfully make a statement. Small and delicate, they were often pinned into the hair.

Skimmer Hats

Also known as a Boater Hat, Skimmer Hats were typically made of braided straw and featured a flat, circular brim. These hats were distinctly preppy, and rose to popularity with men in the 1920s and women in the 1940s.


In the late 1940s, women began wearing colorful fedoras for a menswear-inspired look. These jaunty hats were often worn at an angle and were inspired by popular movies of the era.

Pillbox Hats

Jackie Kennedy made the Pillbox hat an iconic accessory. Their crisp, feminine shape made them highly desirable during the ladylike 1950s. Tall and circular, they added a certain polish to women’s suiting.

Hope you enjoyed reading 10 Popular Women’s Vintage Hat Styles. Do you own any?

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