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Hey Darlings!!

How have you guys been? So, I recently got a Root Canal treatment done for my teeth and it was awfully painful. So I have been on a Social media detox. None the less, I am back with a new video on my Night skincare Routine.


Why a Night skincare Routine is important?

A constant and continuous skin care routine at night will help you improve your skin faster than any other treatment. When you are sleeping, you have about 6-7 hours of un-interrupted repair time for your skin! Night time is perfect to let the skin regenerate itself and you can aid you skin by using the right products too. If you have not read my article on how you can look great by using the night-time effectively, you need head there right away.

A good Night skincare Routine should definitely start with removing your makeup. Never ever sleep with your makeup on. Make that a thumb rule and follow it. sleeping in with your makeup is a gory crime in the skincare world. An ideal Night skincare Routine should also include a night cream/oil that you can nourish your skin with.

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