Roohafza Recipe- Summer Dessert with a Twist

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Summers are here (and how!) and so are summer dishes and desserts. Roohafza has been associated with summer in an Indian household since forever. We all have sweet memories of cold Roohafza drink on a hot summer afternoon. That blissful feeling of sweet rose syrup has me drooling and wanted to try something different this summer. That is when I decided to create a new dessert a dinner time combining few of my favourite summer elements.


For all those who don’t know Roohafza (you must be living under a rock!), its a rather thick sweet rose flavored syrup made from a concussion of fruits (apples, oranges, cherries, pineapple, etc), herbs (chocory, coriander, star lily, etc), vegetables and essences like kewra, lemon, rose etc. It is manufactured by Hamdard Laboratories which has its operations both in India and Pakistan. History says it was formulated by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1906 and has been in use since then. the original recipe is still a secret.  Rooh Afza is extremely popular among the South Asians – especially Muslims especially during the months of Ramadan and also popular during the summer months. The formulation is believed to be based on the Unani system of healing and hence considered to be healthy and cooling for the body.

I’m not a food blogger but someone who hates boring food and loved to try new stuff. So, I tried a new dessert this Eid combining a few of my favourite summer elements-


  • Sabja Seeds (Super healthy and very similar to chia seeds)
  • Cold Milk
  • Roohafza
  • Handmade Kulfi ( Hate the commercial ones with chocolate coating. I’d have it this way ONLY)
  • Imarti (A fat brother of Jalebi- an Indian sweet)
  • Pistachio (Garnish- cuz presentation is important!)

This is the point where I don’t have any steps. I soaked the Sabja seeds in cold milk adding a few spoon Roohafza. Left the seeds to soak for over an hour. I simply Layered it along with some Kulfi, pieces of Imarti and garnished it with crushed pistachios and Roohafza. Voila! My summer dessert is ready!!

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Where do I get Roohafza?

If you are in India or Pakistan- you cannot miss this. Any grocery shop- in-store or online will have this. If you are outside India you can get it on amazon though I’d recommend for you to visit any Indian or Pakistani store.

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