City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual – #2 Skin Products

The City boy has put his skin through a lot of damage and skin care products specific for him are very essential to get back that glow on to skin. No- do not trust any of those fairness creams that claim to instant popularity! (Those stuff crack me up!). The first step is going through a good detox for your skin. I have told you all about it in City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual #1. If you missed it (or want to refresh your memory) read it here.

While growing up, you just used the face wash or moisturizer you mom/sister used. You always found it an extra hassle to put effort to get one for yourself. Their product stash looked like a chemical lab to you. Growing up, you started noticing that there are some products that don’t suit you and some does. You notice that their skin is much softer than yours and you have ended up with some dull damaged skin– that people pacify you by calling manly look. As it turns out, most guys aren’t just going about their skin care routines wrong but they’re doing active damage to their skin, making things worse. Let me help you a bit in putting together a basic vanity kit you need for your skin. Presenting the part 2 of City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual.

1. Know your Skin Type

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

This is the first thing you need to know about yourself. Does your skin feel greasy, with huge pores and breakouts? You sure have an oily face. If you have dry patches with rough dull skin, you have a dry skin. If your skin is neither too oily nor very dry, you have a normal skin. Some may even have a combination skin, with oily skin on particular parts. Observe your skin for this. You will almost instantly know if your skin is reacting to anything- you have a sensitive skin. The best time to check for your skin type is when you wake up. Your products needs to be tailored for your skin type.

2. Cleansers

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Now, you know your skin is covered in all that oil, dirt and dust from the day. You don’t want to rely on just water to do the cleaning job here. Oh! Stop right there before you try to grab that soap! Soap can be pretty harsh for your skin and can cause dryness and that dullness you always hated. So, here is the first stuff you need in your vanity- a good cleanser/ face wash. Now, there are enough options available in market. Select one that suits your skin type. If you have a very oily skin, we think that the Garnier Menthol + Mint Face wash can be good for you. Garnier has a range of face washes, with acne fighting, oil clearing and even brightening properties. Get one that suits your need.

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Your face needs a wash twice a day. One in the morning and one before you head for bed. Do not skip these!  If you’re having regular acne problems, following up with a toner with salicylic acid will go a long way towards healing current break-outs and preventing new ones. Well, let me tell you that using a body wash instead of that harsh soap can improve the quality of your body skin as well. A little investment for a long time benefit.

3. Exfoliation

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Oh! Once a week, you need to scrub away those dead cells and unclog those skin pores for the healthy skin you promised yourself. A cleanser cannot just do this. This is why you need this second product in your stash. A micro-particle exfoliating scrub- nothing too grainy or nothing too soft. Yes, and once a week is good enough. You don’t need to rub the hell out of your skin. Did you know that scrubbing your face will open up those clogged pores, giving you a closer shave soon after? Time to get one! Our recommendations are:

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

4. Shaving partners

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Get your shaving gels/ foams right. Shaving your mane with whatever that can lather, is not the way to do it. There is a reason there are products in place. Use warm water to wash your skin before your shave as it can give you a closer shave. Exfoliation will help even better. Shaving against the grain is going to cause some real damage. Stick to shaving with short level strokes with the grain. after your shave, splash your face with some cold water to close your pores and apply your favorite after-shave/ lotion (whatever you fancy to avoid irritation). If you only prefer trimmers, keep them clean after each use.

5. Moisturizer

Now men, take this one real serious! If you think you can get good skin without any moisturizing going on there, you are very wrong. Your skin has been through a lot of dust, heat, pollution, shaving, scrubbing and what not. Some moisture needs to be put back into your skin. This is applicable even to the oily skin folks. There are products in the market that can suit your skin type. Do not be fooled by the ladies moisturizer/ men’s moisturizer- it’s all a marketing gimmick (you know it right?)

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Using a moisturizer regularly can make a huge change in your skin texture, reducing those wrinkles that appeared well before it should have. The best time to slap on some moisturizer is just after your shower/ face wash. You need only a pea sized amount for your entire face. Its better if you can find a moisturizer with SPF in it. That takes me to my 6th point

6. Sunscreen

Now, you can prefer to have a moisturizer with SPF properties or go for a full on sunscreen. We just want to tell you how important a step this is. Have some kind of SPF protection in your vanity. We think that the sun guard mist from Votre  is pretty perfect for the men- its a light mist that can cover your face with SPF goodness. No oiliness- just water base. You will thank your younger self for the SPF protection, when you hit your 50’s.

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |            City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

7. Lip Balms

If you live in one of those places with a chilly winter or not, you need to stock this little tub of lip balm in your vanity. Lips are delicate and they need some protection. There are lip balms with SPF content in it too. Investing in a lip balm will ensure soft lips that are not dark and chapped. We think Garnier men lip balms are pretty cool. They don’t intimidate you with that scary pink color.

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

8. Go the extra mile

Now, that you have reached step 2 in the City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual, invest a little more and get yourself these two magical products- a reliable mud mask and an eye cream. The mud mask is your 15 minute ticket to clogfree pores and a little pampering. You could maybe listen to music or read a journal in that bit, while you skin will be ridden for all the gunk and sebum giving you a youthful no-shine skin!

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Now, eye creams?? You never heard of them? Guess where does the aging process show first on a man? Yes the Eyes! Invest in a reliable eye cream to dab on before you go to bed. It’s your little secret to the no-hungover look. You can thank us later!

City Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products | mitzitup.comCity Boy's Skin Reset Manual - #2 Skin Products |

Taking care of your skin is important to everyone. There is nothing un-masculine in that. A healthy good looking skin has never repelled anybody. Just pick the right product that suit you and know how to use them. You will have your best face always! Wait up for #3 in the City Boy’s Skin Reset Manual.

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