Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid’s Health

Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid's Health |

Each baby is a blessing and each parent waits for their baby, preparing and planing out each aspect of the baby’s nursery, toiletries to diapering. The Marketing world has taken new parents by a storm, portraying them as ignorant idiots about their own kid’s needs. They create the need for that brand new treated-wood crib, paraben-laden lotions with strong scents and chemical treated swaddlers. Unknown to the toxic level in each product, new parents fall for these marketing gimmicks and flock towards buying these goods laden with toxic coloured products.

After what I am going to tell you today, you will think before you buy that bright coloured toy, your baby absolutely does not need! I shall discuss on Toxic Coloured Products that affect your child’s health.

Why your Kid is more Vulnerable?

If you think that you are perfectly fine handling the Toxic Coloured Products in kid toys and assume your kid should be too, you are in for a big shock. You kid is more vulnerable to even the slightest of these toxic coloured products, as their immune system and nervous system are just developing- making them more vulnerable. Babies breath more than adults, making inhalation of these chemicals harmful than for an adult. Their skin surface to weight ratio is also higher than an adult, further putting them at risk.

Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid's Health |

Shocking Facts:

Doing my research on Toxic Coloured Products used in Kids toys, I stumbled upon some shocking information. From the Bears for Humanity Blog, I found this chart of chemicals in your kid’s toys and the harmful effects it has. Considering the state of regulations in India, I am genuinely worried.

UsesHazardous chemicalsPossible health effectsUsed in products
Various dyes and pigmentsAnilineVery toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenicDolls
Various dyes and pigmentsAzocolourantsCarcinogenic, causes allergiesDolls, cuddly toys, wooden toys, plastic
Dyes and pigments: create the red, orange, and yellow pigmentsCadmiumCarcinogenic, toxic by inhalation, impairs fertility, disrupts development of children’s brainsDolls, wooden toys, plastic
Dyes and pigments: create the green, orange, and yellow pigmentsChromiumCarcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic: causes severe burns, impairs fertility.Dolls, cuddly toys, wooden toys, electronic toys
Dyes and pigments: create the red, orange, and yellow pigmentsLeadCarcinogenic and impairs fertility. Effects on the developing brainDolls, wooden toys, plastic, electronic toys
Fire retardantBrominated flame retardantsPersistent, bio-accumulative, toxic; some kinds are also classified as carcinogenic, toxic, disrupting the reproductive system; some disrupt the hormone systemDolls, cuddly toys, plastic, electronic toys
Bind pigments to the cloth. Fire retardant. Wrinkle resistance. Water repellence. Adhesive in wood productsFormaldehydes and formaldehyde releasers (e.g. benzylhemiformal, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane, diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl urea, Quaternium-15, DMDM Hydantoin).Irritates mucous membranes and skin, can cause hypersensitivity, carcinogenic (nasal pathway)Cuddly and wooden toys
Water, grease and soil repellencePerfluorinated chemicals (PFC)Carcinogenic, disrupts fertilityDolls, cuddly toys
A main component in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics, epoxies, and epoxy resinBisphenol-A (BPA)Disrupts the reproductive and hormone system, and increases the risk of cancerDolls, plastic, electronic toys
Plastic stabiliser. Surfactant in processing textilesNonylphenol
Endocrine disruptor, persistent, accumulates in the environmentDolls, cuddly toys, plastic
Plastic stabiliser, usually found in clear plasticOrganotin compoundsIrritates the eyes and skin, toxic to the reproductive system, if ingested is harmful to the central nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system.Dolls, cuddly toys, wooden toys, plastic
PlasticiserChlorinated paraffinsCarcinogenic, disrupts the hormone systemDolls, plastic, electronic toys
Plasticiser, usually found in soft plastic, pellets for stuffing cuddly toys. Can also be used as a synthetic fragrance compound in scented toysPhthalatesDisrupts development and the hormone system Impairs fertilityDolls, cuddly toys, plastic and electronic toys
Antibacterial agentTriclosanCan cause allergies and bacterial resistance, disrupts the endocrine systemDolls, cuddly toys and  plastic


Sources for Toxic Coloured Products:

  • Bright coloured toys ; especially vinyl plastics
  • Pacifier plastics, teethers & Bottle nipples (rubber nipples)
  • Milk Bottles with colour designs.
  • Treated wood Crib
  • Nursery painting & Decorating

Measures to Take against Toxic Coloured Products:

  • Check for Age appropriate toys that comply with safety standards
  • It is better to stick to good brands or organic toys made from natural wood and fabric
  • Offer kids alternate toys like books and experience based games rather than those toxic coloured toys.
  • Careful while decorating the baby nursery- look for lead-free paints.
  • Keep a close watch on the toys and how your kid plays with them.


Toxic Coloured Products Affecting your Kid's Health |

Hope you now have an idea on how our kid’s are surrounded by Toxic Coloured Products in the form of toys, decor and other products. A few suggestions I loved for non toxic toys for your kid are:


I shall soon post an article on toxic ingredients in baby toiletries. Till then, keep your bubs safe from Toxic Coloured Products. If you have any other suggestions, I am all ears. As a responsible mom, I would love to hear from all of you.

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