Infinity School Blogger Meet

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

I’m the mother of an almost-three year old kid and like any first-time mother; I’m absolutely gutted at the thought of finding the right school for my boy. There are a gazillion questions hovering around in my mind- what should be my top priorities, what factors should I consider and how should we prepare ourselves as parents. To my delight, I was invited for a mommy blogger meet at The Infinity School located in Noida Extension for multiple sessions on 21st century skills to be nurtured in children.

The Infinity School is a new school with ideologies that are rooted in the belief that it is possible to develop the fundamental capabilities of a child, with appropriate scaffolding and building the right foundation. With their main motto as ‘Learning to Learn’, the school has carefully aligned their curriculum, faculty and infrastructure to ensure the development of children to be equipped with 21st-century skills.

The first session was with Mr .Harinder Chhabra, growth facilitator and Director of The Infinity School. The session answered questions like, “Why do we need to develop thinking skills in children?” Rather than going by the industry-standard of content-rich education, Mr. Chhabra believes in experience-based education that makes the students ‘fit’ for the 21st century. He emphasized that with a child-centric approach, schools can ensure the child’s success in the evolving digital economy.


The second session by Ms. Upasana Bhattacharya, who is the Head- Curriculum Design and Training, emphasized on the schools to be learning zones than performance zones. The informative session had a lot to offer and a lot more to ponder over.

All of this brought us to a common question – how to select the right school for our kids, understanding the lasting impact it has on the development and growth of kid over life. The collaborative and conversational session, leaded by Sangeeta Kapoor, the principal of The Infinity School; opened a lot of questions we wanted to ask ourselves, including what our personal top 5 priorities for selecting a school were. The event ended on a high note, post lunch, when the mommies went home with colorful plants, happy memories and lot of information on developing the child’s skills to make them future ready.