DIY Sun Relief Cream

The mercury is soaring and its scorching outdoors. All said, one cannot just hibernate through the summers, can we? Oh! How I wish we could. I am waiting for fall/winter so bad.

Going out in this scorching sun is sure to get your skin into some serious sun damage. A Sunscreen offers protection but what if, despite all your efforts, you ended up with a sun burn, rash or just skin redness? Not a pretty situation isn’t it? Let me tell you a quick DIY Sun Relief Cream that is sure to sooth that sun-scotched skin and calm you instantly.

To make the DIY Sun Relief Cream:

DIY Sun Relief Cream |

  • 2 tbsp Aloe Gel (I have used the Khadi one- which I found to have least additives)
  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil (Homemade- you can also use the ones you get in your grocery store)
  • 1tsp Witch Hazel (Found it here)
  • 1-2 drops Lavender Oil (Get it here)

Mix all this in a clean container and keep refrigerated as it feels better to apply just as you walk in from the sun. I recommend making these in batches and storing in refrigerator if you are using fresh aloe gel.

This was how it looked after refrigeration. The DIY Sun Relief Cream melts in your hand and is soothing to apply.

DIY Sun Relief Cream |

Alternatively, you can also freeze ice cubes of the same mixture and rub one all over body. This can also be used as a face pack for glowy skin.

DIY Sun Relief Cream |

Did I tell you that this DIY Sun Relief Cream is absolutely safe on kids? So pack in some when you hit the beach as a family or when you plan that outdoor picnic. Hope you guys will try it out and let me know if you love it?

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