Did Your Wipes Pass the Flame Test?

We have been travelling extensively last month and my little boy has been exhausted. You know what is a huge bummer in constant travel? He had to be kept in diaper day in day out- 24/7. Being a super active kid, he runs around quite a bit too. Long story short- he ended up with pretty bad nappy rashes. I blamed it on the constant diapering, the change of climate and what not. While complaining about this to a dear friend, she randomly asked me if I use wipes. Like I told you in and earlier post, wipes are the swiss-knife in motherhood. Of course I was using wipes for every other spill, or diaper cleaning. She asked me if I had done the flame test on my wipes. This opened a big lesson to me and I want to share with you guys my story.

At first, the whole flame test concept sounded very complicated. I was travelling all the while and I could not carry around packets of my favorite Mothersparsh wipes everywhere. I ended up buying the ones off supermarket shelves. Though I first laughed aside her suggestion, something kept gnawing at my mind that I should try it out. It so happened, that I was stuck in Kerala floods with no power in my house for a few days. While sitting in the candle light, her words came to my mind. I decided to try out the Flame test.

What is a Flame test?

For this your will need one of your wipes (air dried), and a candle. Simple hold the wipe on t the flame and let it burn.

If you notice that your wipe burns down to ashes with no other residue- that is perfect. It means your wipes is made of 100% plant derives and is super safe to use on your baby’s skin. To my surprise, the wipe I got from supermarket burned with a sticky residue and a foul smell spread across the room. This means that there are plastic components called ‘polyesters’ in them. Those are harmful for baby skin and can be major irritants leading to bum rashes. Of course I discontinued using that wipes and (luckily) got my favorite Mothersparsh via amazon. Though it took some inconvenience in that time, it was well worth it.

Did Your Wipes Pass the Flame Test? | mitzitup.com

I tried out the flame test on Mothersparsh wipes too- even though it claims to be 100% plant fabric. It is 98% water based wipes and super delicate on baby skin. I have been using it for quite some time now and do not see myself switching anytime- you will see why. When I tried the flame test on Mothersparsh wipes, the wipes burned completely to ashes with no sticky residue. It had a very normal smell while burning just as a paper would burn. You can see the image for reference.

Did Your Wipes Pass the Flame Test? | mitzitup.com

After the Flame test, I am 100% sure about my choice of Mothersparsh wipes. Have you tested your wipes? Will your wipes pass the Flame test? Find out yourself. Comment below what you found. Let’s share this info for the mommies out there who do not know about it.

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