Miniso Toner- Are they Worth the Hype?

Miniso stores are popping up everywhere around India and the latest addition to Miniso- that people cant stop raving about is their skincare range. I decided to pick up some few months ago and wanted to try the Miniso Toner first. Today- I am reviewing one of the purchase (in-fact two!) – the Miniso Toners. I shall be reviewing their Hydrating Moisturizing Toner and Rose Essence Toner. Although I have heard real amazing things about their Rose Hydrating Toner which has rose petals in it- I don’t think it is launched yet in India.

Miniso Skincare has been making quite a rave- it can be the affordability or the effectiveness. Whichever it is- you cannot miss them for sure. Among the skincare, Miniso Toners have already become a craze with beauty bloggers throughout the world.

Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? |

First up, the Hydrating Moisturizing toner in a beautiful plastic bottle of 150 ml with a metal cap. It has a slightly thick yet runny consistency- like that of a cough syrup and smells very mild. It looks a bit like rice water- just a bit more thicker. the product claims to leave your skin hydrated. The top ingredients are water, glycol and betaine(Primarily functions as a humectant and anti-irritant in cosmetics). Price: INR 190 in India

Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? |

I tried this Miniso Toner for over a month. Using it mostly morning and night to get the full benefit out of it. I just applied it with a cotton pad onto clean face. I found it to be hydrating for sure- but the effect was pretty short lived. Not that I am expecting a toner to act as a moisturizer, but I was not able to see any difference in my skin even after a month of application. So I would say, this one is simply as good as water and glycerin. Its good- nothing bad- but don’t expect anything magical to happen to your skin. Overall- I will not repurchase this toner. Not after trying the next toner I am reviewing.

Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? |

The next one of Miniso Toners is Rose Essence toner. I was really hoping this one is quite close in formulation as the much hyped rose hydrating toner. It comes in a deeper pink plastic bottle of 400ml. I have just recently started to use this and already love the results. This one claims to leave your skin hydrated smooth and soft along with brighter skin. The consistency is less thicker than the first Miniso toner. Formula enriched with Tujue Rose, centella, HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA and sodium hyaluronate. Price: INR 450 in India.

Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? | Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? | mitzitup.comAre Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? |

This Miniso Toner definitely has alcohol as one of the top ingredient and smells of it too. It does smell of roses too, but the alcohol smell is pretty dominant. I have been using i for a week now and am yet to see magical changes but this definitely gives a little after-glow when I use it at night and wake up in the morning. Compared to the other Miniso toner, its a win.

Are Miniso Toners Worth the Hype? |

You can find them at the local Miniso stores or even purchase them online here.

I will update you guys as soon as I see any magical changes but the Rose Essence Toner seems to be the better of these both. Have you tried Miniso Toners ? If so, which is your pick?


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