Ordinary Wiping vs Smart Disposable Wipes? Who Will Win?

As a mother one is always tormented with choices- and of course judging! Co-sleeping or not? Breastfeed longer or not? Diaper or not? Wipes or only water? Too many choices and each choice over-analyzed and judged to infinity. Though I would love to talk to you guys about being non- judgmental of a new mother’s choices, Today I want to talk to you guys about usage of a Smart Disposable wipes for Baby bottoms.

When Akshiv was just a few month old, and we had a lot of travel, wipes were my all-in-one solution. Later, when I found out about the Flame Test, I switched to a safer choice- Mother Sparsh. I was asked a zillion questions if wipes were the best choice for my baby? Many elders questioned me to infinity, ridiculed me and even judged my choices. The things a new mother has to go through is tough. As every mother, I would want only the best for my baby. I researched and researched and found that I was right. A cloth that holds so many germs cannot replace a disposable water based wipe that is completely biodegradable.


A study by Journal of Infection confirmed that even properly washed cloth can be holding up to 10gm of feces. Yikes! To think of it, it’s pretty gross. In a new mother’s life- this fact holds a huge importance. She is trying her best to select the safest and the gentlest options for her baby. So, is wiping with a cloth the right thing for a baby bottom? My answer would be NO! So I chose to go for a gentler, safer and clinically proven method for my baby.

To understand this issue of cloth vs wipes, let me show you guys a short video on how a smart wipe can be a great replacement for the conventional cloth wiping.

Made from 100% viscose plant derived fabric, Mother Sparsh gives me the satisfaction of being a responsible new- age mother who cares for the environment as much as the baby’s skin. The fabric is soft, gentle and highly absorbent. Safe for baby skin preventing any chance of diaper rashes.

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