Why Rosehip Oil is Your Skincare Hero


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Today let’s talk about Ageing and why Rosehip Oil is your skin superhero. The inevitable and non pleasant signs of ageing on your skin. The moment I reached my second half of twenties, I has started my search for that perfect anti-ageing treatment. A gazillion paths opened in front of me- right from natural, to those expensive creams enriched with Retinol, to the downright chemical looking stuff. All of them claiming that perfect wrinkle treatment. Not too late, I had the realization that Indian skin aged differently from the European and American skin. Instead of wrinkles and saggy skin, we get laugh lines, pigmentation and crows feet. When the ageing is different, why should the treatments be the same?

After some research I concluded that Indians for ages have been using oils in skincare. Hailing from Kerala, my love for cold pressed coconut oil knew no bounds. Searching for a viable skincare option and after trying some of the best skin care oils in market (some of which were really good), I wanted something I could always rely on. At this point, my research led me onto Rosehip Oil.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil 

Simple Night Treatment

If you are looking for a simple night treatment – Rosehip Oil is your savior. It is enriched with high levels of Trans-Retinoic Acid which are delivered directly to the epidermis of the skin, which converts to Vitamin A to boost the skin’s natural healing process. The oil is a simple night treatment which treats any skin conditions and promotes faster cell regeneration. Take care that Rosehip is not really an oil you want to wear i the sun. Using it as an overnight treatment is the best way to get maximum goodness out of it.

Lightens Scars

Postpartum, I had been trying out a number of solutions to lighten my stretch-mark scars. Though not very prominent, I had a few scars. Rosehip Oil has been a great help in lightening them to almost my skin colour. Research in Spain concludes that Rosehip Oil is effective in treatment of post-surgical scars. With a high content of omega acids, it no wonder that this is your savior in treating any scars or pigmentation.

Anti Ageing Treatment

With high concentration of Vit A and Vit C along with antioxidants, Rosehip Oil is a wonder cure for preventing ageing symptoms. You could mix a few drops of Coconut oil into Rosehip Oil and apply it as your all-natural anti ageing treatment. In no time, you will notice your pigmentation fading and your skin being smoother and plump.

Acne Care

This one is for all those out there who think they have heavy acne and an oil would just make it worse. Rosehip Oil hydrates the skin from a pore level and helps in mild exfoliation. It fastens the cell regeneration to grow a fresh layer and to give you a cleaner face faster. Mixing Rosehip Oil with a few drops of Tea tree Oil and applying as a bnight treatment could work wonders for acne prone skin.


Overall Rosehip Oil is a great treatment for your skin. Tell me in comments if you have tried Rosehip Oil in your skin regime. Would you be incorporating it into your skincare regime? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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